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Bitcoin in 2020

The big event that’s coming up this year is the so-called havening where the block reward is going to shrink it happens every four years some people think that the diminished new supply of the coins will mean supply and demand equation improves what’s your guess for whether this proves to be a major catalyst next year I think it’s it’s a big milestone it happens every four years people look forward to it but the trick there is that we know when it happens right and that to me means it’s priced in people that are trading in significant volumes they’re smart traders know when the happening is going to happen they know when this increased supply is going to slow down yeah and so to me that has to be priced in already maybe there’s some movement around it just because it’s a major news event

I don’t think it has the supply and demand impact that people think it will does it mean that people will trade in and out of it to go into other crypto currencies and and look for a better entry point into Bitcoin I mean how do how does bitcoins move compared with the other crypto currencies when you get this once every four year happening right so I don’t think the happening itself is gonna have that much of an impact if you wanted to make a move I think again it’s already price and you could have made your move already I don’t think you need to wait for that moment that said I am feeling way more excitement now than I have felt anytime in the last 18 months it feels like momentum is really building in the space like you’re saying bitcoin is up this week although down in kind of last month or so

I think we are seeing a level of building that has happened in 19 people are ready to ship it feel like there’s a moment of kind of everyone’s putting on their jumpsuits getting ready to go and take off and and I’d we haven’t seen that since 27 let’s talk about that building because there’s sort of two sides to this one is what we see in the institutional investment level and I feel like every day someone has some new custodial digital currency asset holding solution and then there is the building that happens on the protocol level which is improving the fungibility privacy scalability fees things like that which part was more exciting for you in 2019.

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