The News Spy Review

Registering a New Spy Account

We completed the registration process for a new account in less than three minutes. The process is simple and fast.

Step 1: Registration

The account registration form can be downloaded from the homepage. We completed the form and hit the submit button. In a few seconds, the email address we used for this account received a notification that our account opening request is granted.

Step 2: Deposit

The next step after opening a new account is making a deposit. We decided to start with the minimum deposit. On the News Spy, users can start earning with a deposit of $250.

We found different payment options on the site. Users can make a deposit by using MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, Webmoney, and other payment options. The provision of multiple payment options is a good idea; investors from other parts of the world can make payments easily to start using the live trading feature.

Step 3: Demo Trading Feature

Many auto trading platforms do not have the demo trading feature, so we were delighted to see it working on The News Spy. We think it is necessary to add the demo trading platform to enable all investors to test the system without using real money. We tried the demo trading platform, and it works excellently.

Step 4: Live Trading with the News Spy

Our first live trading experience was fantastic. As a trained and experienced crypto trader, I know how to scrutinise trading platforms to know if it is a legit auto trading platform or not. I found many reasons to trust The News Spy, all the features work and the payout is accurate.

Note: It is always a good idea to test auto trading systems by using the demo trading feature. The demo trading platform makes it easy for investors to study the trading process and how the robots work before investing real money.

Features of the News Spy Trading Software

Payout system

We can confirm that investors will not have any problems with the payout system on The News Spy. It works accurately; users can view their earnings at the end of a trading session. We observed the payout system on The News Spy, and it is excellent.

Verification System

Verification is done to confirm the information provided by users before a new account is approved. It is important to verify the information provided by investors to avoid issues such as wrong payments or delays in processing withdrawal requests.

Withdrawal and Deposits

We are happy about the withdrawal process on The News Spy; it is much better than many other auto trading platforms we know. Withdrawals on The News Spy are processed in 24-hours.


The News Spy Auto trading system takes a percentage of the profit earned by users as a commission. This deduction is done at the end of the trading session. We think this is fair and the system is accurate so users can confirm that the actual value has been deducted.

User Testimonials

We spent some time reading the testimonials written by other users. There are many satisfied investors who are making a daily profit with The News Spy.

Customer Service

There is a dependable customer service system on this auto trading platform. We observed that the customer service portal is open 24/7 and can be used by anyone regardless of location.


The brokers on this auto trading system are responsible for monitoring the auto trading processes on the platform. We think this is a brilliant arrangement; the inclusion of brokers in the arrangement significantly increases the chances of making more money with The News Spy.

Comparing The News Spy and Other Trading Robots

ATFXOther forex brokers
The News Spy is a transparent platform, there are no hidden fees. It is difficult to monitor the operational processes on other trading platforms because they are not transparent.
 The operational standards on The News Spy agree with the FCA standards.Many auto trading platforms break the standard regulations, and this can cause investors to lose their funds.
 The News Spy is user-friendly.New users will find it difficult to use other auto trading platforms because they are not user-friendly.
 All investors have access to 24/7 global customer service helpdesk.It is difficult to use many trading platforms without customer support.
The high win rate makes it easy for investors to make money with The News Spy.There is no certainty that investments will yield a profit.

Benefits of trading with The News Spy?

We made a long list of advantages that investors can gain when they use the News Spy. We have selected the most significant benefits for this post;

  • No need for technical skills. Manual trading processes for cryptocurrency require long hours of training and practice. However, with The News Spy, all these processes are done by the trading robots. Everyone can invest and start making money with this auto trading system from the first day. We particularly noted the ease at which users can navigate the site and use all its features.
  • Win rate for all transactions. There are so many satisfied users on the platform because of the high win rate. All transactions on The News Spy, done by the trading robots can potentially end successfully, with the account owners making a significant profit.
  • Demo account feature. Investors can study the auto trading system before making a deposit and staking their money in the live trade session. The demo trading feature works, and it is easy to use.
  • 24/7 Customer support.  We are happy that the developers have added a 24/7 live customer support service. This means that users can get assistance anytime they are not sure about what to do on the auto trading platform.

News Spy Review Summary, Conclusions, and Helpful Tips

Our Judgement: Traders should avoiding the News Spy Scam. After testing the software and seeing the actual results for ourselves, we can pretty much say without a shadow of a doubt that if you decide to invest your money and join this thieving software, you will end up LOSING your money and that is a guaranteed fact. Please DO NOT be tempted to signup and never divulge your credit card information as these crooks can’t be trusted with your money. Don’t be a stranger, message us via our YouTube Channel, Facebook Group, and G+ profile.

How does the News Spy App work?

As an automated trading system, the News Spy’s purpose is to place trades automatically for you. It allows you to sit back while the software does all the hard work of analysing the market and then placing trades in complete automation.

Its level of earnings is reportedly similar to robots like the Bitcoin Revolution and Bitcoin Loophole. The only thing you are required to do for it to function is to decide on the trading settings, which includes daily stop loss, maximum trade amount, maximum profits per day, the amount invested for each trade and so on.

After the settings, you can initiate auto-trading and the software will connect to a broker and channel your funds through it.

Opening a News Spy Account – Step by Step

Signing up is quite easy and can be done in minutes. To sign-up, follow the steps below.

STEP ONE: Registration

The registration form can be found on the homepage. To sign up, you’ll need the following details i.e. First Name, Last Name, Email address, Password, and Phone number. Upon successful registration, your details will be registered in the software’s database. Upon login, the software will be available to you for use – free of costs and fees which can be used for a demo.

STEP 2: Deposit

To begin active trading, the user has to make a deposit of at least $250. A deposit can be made through the various channels made available on the site.

Step 3: Demo trading

As a newbie in trading, it is advisable to do a demo trading before trading fully as this would enable the user to acquire enough experience and adaptability to the automated trading system interface.

Step 4: Trading

To start trading after funds have been deposited and all necessary settings have been made on the account, the trader should click the “Trade” on his exclusive account on the News Spy software. Thereafter, he/she can search for various tips and tricks in trading using the robot. However, this can also be done manually outside the software.

Note: If you are not certain whether or not you wish to trade on this platform with real funds right away, make sure you try a demo account first. It is completely free of charge, all you have to do is register first and then you can access the demo mode.

The News Spy: Key Features


News Spy promises users that they will make a profit of least 10% a day when trading with this robot. However, this may not be the case for everyone. Some users have reported experiencing losses.  While there is a likelihood of making a good return with this robot, it is not guaranteed

Verification System

If you are worried about having to provide a whole lot of documentation, don’t be. After you have registered by providing a full name and email address, you only have to provide the necessary payment details for the deposit. That’s it!

Withdrawal and Deposits

The News Spy facilitates withdrawals within 24 hours. All deposits reflect in the user trading account instantly. toggle]


There are scams out there that not only are designed to make you lose funds, but they do not even tell you about some of the fees you have to pay on the platform. News Spy does not have any fees –  no registration fees, no broker fees, no commissions.

User Testimonials

The News Spy provides some video reviews in which real users briefly talk about their experiences of trading with the software. All of them seem enthusiastic about it and although they do not mention how much they have earned on the platform. The testimonials appear to be real.

Customer Service

Feel free to contact a member of staff at any point. You can do that by clicking on the “contact us” section of the website, where you will find all the available ways you can contact the support staff. They are very friendly and helpful.


News Spy is an auto trading bot and as such, funds go through stockbrokers for the investments to be placed. That basically means that before getting to the asset, your funds go from the News Spy platform and pass by the brokers available in your country of residence. All the brokers associated with News Spy appear to be regulated and reliable.

There’s so much money to make from trading cryptocurrencies; it will be unfair if people who do not have the training or skill are left out of this ‘loot’ others are making on the market. This is one of the reasons why the developers of the News Spy gave for creating the software.

We think it is a brilliant move, having software that can handle everything about trading cryptocurrencies is going to be helpful. However, like all tools made available to the public, it is important to test and review the News Spy to know if it can really give every user an advantage in the market.

Much of our work has already been done by the current users of the News Spy who are having a great time increasing their passive income with the software. However, it is best that a team of professionals such as ours analyses the News Spy and present the actual verdict.

Conclusion: We have tested the platform and believe it is 100% legit!

The best choice The News Spy is NOT a scam
High Profit Ratio
Easy & Fast Withdrawals
Works also via App
Trade Now

Is The News Spy Legit? Yes

We have extensively analysed the News Spy software for trading cryptocurrencies, and this is our official review. We focused our tests on the main features of the software to ascertain that the expected gains of use

rs who sign up and create accounts are achievable. Thankfully, we can state that the News Spy is excellent software, and it passed our tests.

First, let’s start with an overview to give you a clear idea of what it is all about.

The News Spy is an automated trading tool that can give users leverage to earn high profits. It works with intelligent robots that can extensively analyse the market signals, trends, and prices to determine the best times to buy or sell cryptocurrency. The program is easy to use and allows people from all over the world to register and start earning more passive incomes from their global locations.

We have tested the News Spy, and it is as good as it sounds.

At the end of our tests, it was easy to conclude that the News Spy is a legit platform for trading cryptocurrency. We made this conclusion after testing the system with real money, and we made a profit. Everything about the processes was smooth and without a hitch. News Spy will be helpful to everyone interested in earning profit from trading activities in the cryptocurrency market regardless of their skill level in this field.

The program is also backed by a support team who are always available to help users who may need some assistance. Not only have we confirmed that the News Spy is legit, all transactions on the platform are secured by top-grade online security software to prevent unauthorised access, we checked this out and were impressed with our discoveries.

Our focus on the core areas of this software was necessary because of claims online that insinuate the News Spy may be another scam because there are so many developers claiming their software is the best, but cause people to lose money. There is some scepticism about automated trading software, but that’s why we are here to test and publish our findings.

The best choice The News Spy is NOT a scam
High Profit Ratio
Easy & Fast Withdrawals
Works also via App
Trade Now

Is The News Spy Scam or Not: The Verdict!

Here’s a summary of our discoveries after testing the News Spy platform;

  • The automated trading feature of this software works excellently; it allows users to set a stop-loss margin to minimise risks while leveraging essential market signals to make a profit.
  • All users can easily start trading with the software because it is user-friendly and has features that are easy to navigate, the website is responsive, and users can monitor trades on mobile phones or laptops.
  • We confirmed that News Spy has a high win rate for all users regardless of the deposit that has been made.
  • Unlimited withdrawals for all users who can initiate this process 24/7, withdrawals are processed within 24-hours.