Bitcoin Bank Review

Bitcoin Bank Review

For many people who have invested in trading cryptocurrencies, the year 2020 has started in a wonderful way, with so many financial gains.

It is not too late to start making money from the cryptocurrency market, and we have found a great way to achieve your goal to become financially free. If you would like to join thousands of investors to make money from the cryptocurrency market, you should consider using the automated trading systems.

For our new readers, we know how difficult it is to find an alternative source of income, in addition to a full-time job; this is why we propose that you use an auto trading platform for cryptocurrency. To make it easier for our readers who want to start making money from the crypto market, we have reviewed Bitcoin Bank, it is one of the auto trading platforms that has had so many great reviews.

Our rating: Bitcoin Bank is not a scamVisit the official Bitcoin Bank Website

To be sure that Bitcoin Bank is an excellent auto trading system, we did a complete review, and my team got enough evidence as proof that everyone who uses Bitcoin Bank will become very rich after few weeks of trading cryptocurrency.

We were particularly interested in Bitcoin Bank because the starting deposit is so low. With only $250 as the minimum deposit, everyone can make money with the system on a daily basis.

What is Bitcoin Bank?

Bitcoin Bank can be described as an automated trading platform that has been created for only cryptocurrencies. The trading system works online, and we discovered that it works with an excellent algorithm that can easily decipher big data from the cryptocurrency market.

Visit the official Bitcoin Bank Website

Getting started with Bitcoin Bank?

You do not require any experience or expertise to use Bitcoin Bank. This robot is auto and comes with all the materials to help you adequately prepare for live trading.

Bitcoin Bank is accessible in most countries, but the registration of new accounts is not always available. The robot is on extremely high demand, and hence registration is offered on a lottery basis.

Consequently, you need to try your luck by keeping checking their website for new slots. You should grab the opportunity and signup immediately if the registration form is accessible. It takes a few simple steps to create a Bitcoin Bank trading account.

STEP ONE: Registration

Bitcoin Bank is free for those who manage to secure a registration slot. The registration process is secure and straightforward.

Record your full name, phone number, and email on the signup form and confirm your email and phone through an SMS and a link. Bitcoin Bank assures all users of data safety. We can confirm that its website has 128-bit key encryption and hence hackers can’t access users’ data.

Moreover, Bitcoin Bank observes data privacy regulations such as GDPR. This is enough sign of its commitment to safety.

STEP TWO: Identity verification

When you register with Bitcoin Bank, you are redirected to the page of a partner broker to verify identity.

Remember that all trading robots rely on brokers to access the markets. It’s the role of the broker to facilitate transactions, and hence all deposits happen through them. As a regulatory requirement, all legit brokers must verify the identity of their users.

Bitcoin Bank works with some of the industry’s best brokers. These Brokers adhere to the regulatory guidelines of top-tier bodies such as Australia’s ASIC, UK FCA, and South African FSB. Top-tier regulators are recognized globally for their stringent deposit protection measures.

STEP THREE: Trading capital deposit

You need to invest some capital in Bitcoin Bank to generate the supposed profits. The minimum you can invest is 250 USD. This amount can reportedly earn you a daily return of up to $1k when the trading settings and conditions are right.

There are also claims that it is possible to grow such a small investment to a million dollars in less than a year when at least 70% of returns are reinvested.

As stated above, deposits are handled by the underlying broker. You can fund your account through Visa, Master Card, Wire Transfer, and most e-wallets and crypto-wallets.

STEP FOUR: Trading education and demo practice

You need to familiarize yourself with Bitcoin Bank before going live. Remember that the robot trades at a leverage of up to 5000:1 and hence a small mistake can result in devastating losses.

Bitcoin Bank trading education section includes a 12-page trading manual and two 5-minute videos explaining risk management in trading. It is vital that you go through these materials before proceeding to the live account.

You can practice what you learn through the trading guide on the highly intuitive Bitcoin Bank demo account. The demo simulates live trading by backtesting on historical data. Consequently, the results you receive through this account are reflective of what to expect in live trading.

STEP FIVE: Live trading

The live trading process should be a piece of cake if you have read the trading guide and practiced through the demo.

It involves adjusting risk features to fit your profile and toggling the live session button. Risk management is the bread and butter of successful auto trading, and hence you should pay special attention to it.

Bitcoin Bank offers a risk test to help users determine their risk thresholds. You need to take the test before defining the level of risk you are willing to take per trade. Bitcoin Bank offers a dedicated account manager to work with you through risk management.

Moreover, the robot comes with the Stop-loss, Take-Profit, and Negative-Balance-Protection features to help users manage risk. All these tools are explained in detail in the Bitcoin Bank trading guide.

Visit the Official Bitcoin Bank Website

How users can join Bitcoin Bank crypto trading platform

The owners of Bitcoin Bank have made it so easy for new users to join their crypto trading platform. The starting process has been displayed to new visitors on the site. The Bitcoin Bank team inform potential users about the conditions to register, such as providing the required registration information and making a deposit.

The information needed to register a new Bitcoin Bank account includes an account name, email address, password, and phone number. After a successful registration process, the user can start making money with Bitcoin Bank by paying a deposit.

Deposit limits on Bitcoin Bank

According to the information on the site, it is revealed that measures have been taken to prevent users from laundering money or performing illegal financial activities on the site. This is why the owners of Bitcoin Bank have set deposit limits. The lowest deposit limit on Bitcoin Bank is $250, and the maximum deposit limit is $10,000.

Brokers involved in the trading process

The Bitcoin Bank team has pointed out that crypto transactions on the site are monitored by special brokers. The professional brokers assess transactions that have been selected by the trading robot and confirm the trades before completion. The brokers offer additional assurance that all users can make a profit while trading with Bitcoin Bank.

Is Bitcoin Bank Legit?

Yes, we confirmed that Bitcoin Bank is legit and authentic. The trading robot has been registered, and it is usable in over 150 countries.

We were impressed with the wide reach of this auto trading system, it can be used by so many people all over the world to become financially free and have sufficient savings to retire early without stress.

Bitcoin Bank – Conclusion

It is apparent that so many users are making a lot of money with Bitcoin Bank. The crypto trading site has revealed how it has been sustainable and profitable over time. The claims from users who have posted testimonials on the site are enough to make other investors confident in using the auto cryptocurrency trader. And if an investor is unsure about the deal, they can start with the lowest deposit of $250 before increasing their capital investment.

More information about Bitcoin Bank is available on the official website.