Crypto prices are increasing every day, due to this fact the industry is extremely productive for those who want to invest. Nowadays, there are many ways to earn a lot of money using cryptographic transactions. Among the many is the Bitcoin Robot trade, which is now becoming very popular.

Bitcoin Rush is just a trading robot that gives investors an average profit of $ 1,500 a day. The Bitcoin Rush platform has been available in the trading market since 2013 and also note that it is also a popular trading robots software. Want to know if Bitcoin Rush is legitimate or a scam? At the end of this article review you would find out.

Different test has been analyzed by millions of traders to see if this platform is legitimate or not. After different reviews and test run we can confirm that Bitcoin Rush is legitimate. Different people who have tried this platform can confirm their high profitability. However some degree of risk is involved which is normal for every online trading platform, traders must always be careful.



Is Bitcoin Rush Legit or Scam?

Many research has shown that Bitcoin Rush is a legitimate cryptographic trading robot. This platform has been operational since 2013. This platform has received excellent recognition over the years and earned its own reputation. Different reviews reveal many reports of earning a lot of money and also the enormous potential associated with the platform. Theoretically, this robot is even more attractive due to its constant performance. Various tests and live analyzes indicate that this robot has an accuracy of 99.5%.

The Bitcoin Rush app software glory is inevitable, unlike other scam robot platform, this robot discovers the mechanism of fees and brokerage partners. The Bitcoin Rush bot appis confirmed to have partners from reputable brokers and also in management. Note that In terms of fees, this platform does not charge a fee, but traders are required to pay a minimum commission on every profits made.

The Bitcoin Rush automated trading platform are monitored by licensed and well experienced brokers in other to ensure the best trading decisions to be made by the trading robots. Users earn profits on a regular basis as the accuracy rate increases significantly. This means that the higher the deposit, the more profit it generates.



What is Bitcoin Rush?

Bitcoin Rush is a commercial robot whose main purpose is to bring you more profit as an investor. It does justice to your hard-earned cash by making the first deposit and investing it in a profitable investment to make more profits. For Bitcoin Rush, a first deposit of $ 250 is required, which is then invested by the robot, the profit can be higher or lower depending on market behavior. After lot of testing on Bitcoin Rush, I can say categorically that it’s legit.

It’s important to know that the amount you earn with Bitcoin Rush is directly proportional to the amount you invested. For example, an investment of $ 1,000 or more guarantees an average profit of $ 1,500 a day. Beginners are often skeptical about what they want to invest, but experienced retailers understand this concept and still choose the basics.

Automation is an important part of operating Bitcoin Rush. For this reason, no experience is required to become a cryptography operator. On the contrary, it would literally do anything for you. From market analysis to investment law, this is a unique robot.



How to create and join the Bitcoin Rush platform

One thing that sets Bitcoin Rush software apart from its competitor is that anyone can use it, meaning that even if you have no knowledge on crypto currency or online trading, you can use this app and earn money. The bot app does all the trading work for you. One of the most important criteria for trading profitability is the analysis of the markets and the determination of the price direction of an asset. The Bitcoin Rush algorithm makes the analysis easier for you. The algorithm was developed to analyze the markets and find the most important business opportunities. Listed below are the steps to follow:


Step 1: Register your account

You will need to complete a short registration form. Your personal information such as: full name, email address, phone number, and country would be provided when registering, then you would create a strong password for your account. The security of every user either personal or financial information provide dare handled very seriously when you trade on this platform. It is recommended that you create a password that consists of numbers, characters, small and large letters to protect your account.

Once all the above requirement is submitted, your account would be activated, you can now select the broker you want to link to.


Step 2 : Deposit

You will then need to make a deposit of $ 250. This is your business capital and your money, so you can always access and remove it. Also the brokers you would work with offer a choice of account types. In other words, each account type has been adjusted to offer different services and features. We would advise you to start with the startup account if you are new to online trading market and then upgrade later to a higher account type once you become familiar with the platform. If you follow this advice, you would be able to learn how everything works and reduce excessive risk.

Different deposit options are also offered in this platform. Depending on the broker you have connected to, other deposit methods may be accepted.


Step 3 : Start trading right away

One of the added advantage of the Bitcoin Rush app is that it can be adapted to your needs and style. You can set your trading limits and set the software on how much you want to invest in each transaction. The financial trading markets constantly moves, these moves are what traders used to make money. There are various events around the world that can affect market movements. If you are always up to date on the latest news, you can quickly understand why and in which direction the markets are developing. If you trade on this platform, you would never miss any trading opportunity. The Bitcoin Rush platform knows when to close or open transactions, and also help give you the freedom, stress free and flexibility to go on with your daily routine while the trading app acts for you.


Features of Bitcoin Rush Bot App:

Payout plan

The payout plan on Bitcoin Rush are extraordinarily incredible, and customers would pay a minimal commission after they have made profits while trading on Bitcoin Rush platform. In this system you could earn up to $ 800 with a deposit of $ 250.

System verification

The system verification on this platform ensures that the information you provide is accurate. It is useful to limit payments of fake and illegal accounts. The system verification of Bitcoin rush works at a speed that is high without no additional obstacle.

Payout process

The withdraw process of Bitcoin rush is one of the most amazing platforms yet. Each payout process each transaction in less than 2 hours.

User reviews

On the Bitcoin Rush website there are certain segments dedicated to the experience of the youngest users. Different traders has testified on the fantastic experience this platform offers.

Customer service

When it comes to Bitcoin rush customer service platform,  It has been widely observed that the platform works for 24 hours a day, which is a very great idea due to the fact that there are different time zones in the world where different users live.

When testing the customer service of that particular platform, an impressive quick response was given. The consultants discussed proved useful.


Brokers are tightly connected to Bitcoin Rush and offer users the opportunity to earn profits. After reviewing the information, some system brokers found that this was strongly recommended.

Understanding the Algorithm of Bitcoin Rush

Developed by a group of specialized trading experts, the Bitcoin rush algorithm was created in order for traders to explore and identify trading opportunities. Both technical and fundamental analysis are used to find trades on the Bitcoin rush algorithm. When it comes to the technical part of Bitcoin rush algorithm, it focuses on analysis on the quantitative data such as asset and price charts, while the fundamental analysis focus on the qualitative data such as the main economic information on results.

How the Bitcoin Rush algorithm work is that once a news event has been published, it responds accordingly. Take for instance, if a country decide to regulate the use of Bitcoin, this would definitely affect the price of that digital currency.

The main advantage of an algorithm is that it is able to analyze markets much faster than any human. Without the Bitcoin rush algorithm traders may quit trading too early for fear of losing money or invest too much money when the market is at risk. This can never happen with Bitcoin Rush software. All exchanges are executed according to trading parameters and algorithmic analysis.

Benefits of using Bitcoin rush

Bitcoin Rush has many advantages that allow lots of interested traders to take advantage of the cryptocurrency markets. Listed below are reasons to use the Bitcoin Rush trading app.

The app is free

The app platform is free to open and create account, there are no hidden fees as well.

Easy to use

Everyone can use the Bitcoin Rush app from new traders to experienced ones. Lots of professionals in the trading industry use this app frequently to test their trading strategies and also test their market forecast analysis.


When you switch to automated mode you do not have to sit in front of your computer, Bitcoin Rush does the trading job for you. You can also configure the software in manual mode.


Bitcoin Rush works well with broker platforms and also makes getting started easier, also you do not have to worry about software updates.

Demo trading

Once you make your first $ 250 deposit, you can access a demo trading platform. The demo trading helps you get familiar with the trading platform and you trade in virtual funds. With a demo account, you do not need to worry about losing any money. The demo trading is one of the best way to your skills on trading. If you are confidence to start trading, you can switch to live trading and get started.


Bitcoin Rush platform is very transparent and nothing is hidden on how it operate. You are aware of the fact that you must make a deposit of $ 250 to trade and you are aware of the risk of trading Bitcoin and other crypto currencies.


With the Bitcoin Rush software, you can make money by exchanging Bitcoins and other cryptos. Why this is so easy is because the Bitcoin Rush algorithm is able to analyze markets and identify potentially profitable trading opportunities for you. You can earn more than $ 1,500 a day, consistently earning money in the financial markets.

Customer service

Bitcoin Rush offer 24/7 customer service all for you in case you need help. Also note that all of their partner brokers can be easily contacted.



Without no doubt, after our research and test we carried out on the Bitcoin Rush trading platform we can confirm that it is a legitimate, accurate and efficient automated trading software. Use of this software is free and there are no hidden fees or charges. The software algorithm analyzes markets with laser precision, ensuring that most of the transactions you enter result in profits. In doubt about the legitimacy of Bitcoin rush, the answer is yes Bitcoin rush is real, legitimate and it is not scam.